Sounds of Groningen

A project by Rik Seinen, Patricia Zayan, Cher Minn Tiong and Alexander Avdeev


This might sound obvious, but all sounds come from a source, and more often than not, these sources have stories to tell that the casual passerby doesn’t think about. I went to a few remarkable locations in Groningen to take a closer listen to the sounds and try to find out if the noises in these places could tell me a story. You can read about my experiences and explorations in the two blogs that are posted below.

I know however, that these blogs are not nearly enough to paint the complete picture of the phonical life of Groningen. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to do this on my own. As a group, we made an in-depth video about a very interesting and unique source of sound from the city. To dive even further into the vast and extensive audio environment of this town, we have created a soundmap with several ordinary but noteworthy sounds of the city. Finally, we have provided you with a fascinating article about the importance of sounds for your daily life.

But let’s make it a bit more interesting than just me talking, shall we? I’ll be analyzing two locations based on the sounds that I have recorded there. I’ll let you hear a short bit of that recording, and then you get to guess which place you’ll hear. So scroll down the blogs carefully! Ready? Good, let’s go!


Discover the personal side of Motti, a musical icon of Groningen.

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